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    Auto Bcc is a Google Chrome extension that works as an automatic Gmail and Google Inbox forwarder. We use it automatically forward outbound messages to clients into the Highrise system.

    [Onboarding Task 1] – Auto Bcc Extension Install.
    Here we need you to install the Auto Bcc extension..

    Step 1: Open the Chrome Browser.

    Step 2: Click the “Hamburger” (3 bars) in the top right, then select the “Settings” item from the menu.

    Module III pic 2

    Step 3: Under the “More Tools” Menu item, select “Extensions”.

    Module III pic 3

    Step 4: In the Extensions Pane, select “Get more extensions”

    Module III pic 4

    This will open up the Chrome Web Store in a new tab.

    Step 5: Search for Auto Bcc in the Search bar at the top left.

    Module III pic 5

    Step 6: Click “Add Extension to Chrome”.

    module III pic 6

    Step 7: Click “Add Extension” from the dialog box that pops up.

    module III pic 7

    Step 8: Follow the instructions that pop up in the new browser tab to set up Auto Bcc, with your Lanio work email and any support email addresses that you support. Your trainer will have further guidance.


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