Lanio is a global innovation agency.

We build & scale startups within your organization.

Lanio exists to unleash innovation and creativity in every organization and community around the world.

At Lanio, we make startups with intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs, and we teach organizations how to do this in a repeatable way.

Innovation Strategy
  • Corporate innovation strategy
  • Innovation portfolio management
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation
  • Increase your organization’s adaptive capacity
  • Prototype products and experiences
  • Embedded innovation consulting
  • Establish innovation labs/hubs/outposts
  • Build internal incubator/accelerators
  • Realize new revenue channels
  • Build in-house outbound sales teams
  • Outsourced outbound sales
  • Innovation Communication & Storytelling
  • Build an audience well before you launch
  • Kickstarter-style videos
  • Inbound marketing