Quickbooks Online Discount Service is Shutting Down

We are discontinuing the QBO Discount program.

We regret to inform you that Lanio Accounting will no longer be able to offer wholesale pricing to our customers. 

Since 2015, we have worked hard to pass along the Quickbooks Online wholesale discounts to our customers. We have helped hundreds of customers save 50% on their monthly Quickbooks Online subscriptions. However, the cost of keeping up with Quickbooks Online’s frequent price changes is too great and we can no longer continue the program.

It was one of our great joys to help other founders and entrepreneurs to save on their QBO subscriptions. We are saddened that we will no longer be able to continue the program. 

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the transition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the discount program be discontinued and when will the billing be transferred?

Our goal is to transfer billing to our clients by June 22, 2023.

We will contact you individually before June 22, 2023. As part of the process, we will audit and review any outstanding balances.

What will happen to my QBO account? Will I be able to continue to access/control it?

Your account and data will continue to be owned and controlled by you. 

We will no longer be the accountant on file for your QBO account and you will be able to add up to utilize both accountant user slots.

Once the billing has been transferred to you, you will need to enter a payment method to access and continue to use your account.

Will the QBO wholesale discount still be applied to my account?

We have asked Intuit if there is a way to maintain the wholesale discount on your account, but they have informed us that there are no options to continue to offer any discounts.

Why are you discontinuing the wholesale discount program?

In 2020, Intuit discontinued the wholesale program. Formerly 50% wholesale discounts were changed to 30% discounts. Since 2020, Intuit has increased prices twice. With hundreds of customers with discounts and a lack of monitoring billing information, it has been operationally very difficult to keep up with and manually match the price changes. 

I have multi-company accounts/subscriptions. What will happen to my account?

Unfortunately, multi-company accounts will revert to retail pricing and you will be required to enter a billing method to continue to access each company account. 

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