We turned Luminex into a thought leader and go-to resource in the RCA community


Luminex is the missional arm of the Synod of the Great Lakes Region, a regional judicatory body within the Reformed Church in America (RCA). Their mission is to start and strengthen churches through leadership development.


RCA churches weren’t aware of who Luminex was or what services they offered.


Establish Luminex as the thought leader for leadership development and as the preferred partner for RCA leaders in starting and strengthening churches.

Here’s the steps we took to establish Luminex as the thought leader for leadership development within  their target audience.


Identify the Problem

Problem 1

They only delivered their services through in-person training.

  • They weren’t engaging with their audience regularly.
  • Most of their audience wasn’t aware of them.
  • Churches only sought Luminex out when they had a crisis; they didn’t view Luminex as a preventative resource.
Problem 2

They had a weak brand with no website.

  • No one thought of Luminex when they thought of leadership development.
  • No one knew who Luminex was or what they did.
  • The target audience didn’t know how Luminex could help them.
  • Most of the audience had no reason to seek Luminex out.
Problem 3

Their staff was small.

  • They were limited in what they could do.
  • No one was focused solely on marketing.
  • They didn’t have the capacity for social media marketing or content marketing.
Problem 4

They were used to sharing their knowledge through speaking, not through writing

  • They were only able to reach the people they spoke to in person.
  • Their natural communications skills weren’t being used to their full potential.
Problem 5

They had no way to repeatedly engage their audience.

  • They didn’t have a loyal, engaged following.
  • They had no platform for directly communicating with their audience.
  • Their name wasn’t recognized by their audience.
  • They weren’t able to reach new people.
Problem 6

They didn’t have a comprehensive communications & marketing strategy.

  • Their digital communication was not amplifying their thought leadership.
  • Their messaging wasn’t consistent.
  • They weren’t leveraging the necessary strategies to grow their audience and engagement.

With their specific problems in mind, we could now find ways to solve them.


Create a Communications Strategy

Luminex clearly needed a repeatable way to engage with their target audience. Communicating with churches regularly would help Luminex develop a relationship with them, so they would eventually trust Luminex enough to ask for their help.

Luminex Mission

“Developing leaders to start and strengthen churches”

Our strategy consisted of four main goals:

Strategy 1

Strengthen the Luminex brand.

  • Establish Luminex as a thought leader in the minds of church leaders.
  • Build awareness of the Luminex brand and their services.
Strategy 2

Transform Luminex to be more like a media company.

  • Model them after the Harvard Business Review.
  • Help them engage their audience with video, audio and written content.
Strategy 3

Create reliable channels for sharing content and reaching their audience.

  • Establish and grow their email list.
  • Establish and grow their social media assets.
Strategy 4

Use the staff’s natural communication strengths to engage their audience.

  • Create ways for them to use their gift for speaking to benefit a wider audience.
  • Prevent them from having to write lengthy posts.

Once we nailed down our goals, we could take the practical steps necessary to make them happen.

Lanio has been an absolute delight to partner with. John and the Lanio team have helped our organization to think more creatively, and to bring fresh approaches that we desperately needed. I would recommend Lanio to any organization that desires to venture far beyond where they are at today, in order to optimize mission attainment.

Mike GafaChurch Leadership Development Catalyst, Reformed Church in America


Since so few people understood what Luminex was all about, our first step was to clarify and strengthen their brand. We started by developing a website for both the Luminex brand and the Great Lakes Region of the RCA.

WordPress Sites

We interviewed Luminex to help us decide how to build their content and how to design their site and Information Architecture. We then developed style tiles to show them what the site would look like.

Once approved, we began creating the actual site. We carefully moved through the phases of copywriting, design, development, optimization, and then, finally, the presentation.

Visit Luminex WebsiteVisit the Great Lakes Region Website

Mission Statement Video

We created a mission statement video for Luminex’s homepage that would clearly express their mission and purpose. In this video, several of Luminex’s leaders shared what their missions statement meant, why it was important, and how they wanted to fulfill it. We placed this video on the homepage of their site.

Launched Blog

As part of our plan to help Luminex engage regularly with their audience, we added a page to their site where we could store all the content we would produce for them. We planned to add various forms of updates to this blog page.

Each Monday, we add a new written blog post. The Luminex staff takes turns writing the posts, and we add them to the site. This method allows the Luminex team to showcase their expertise and offer valuable content to their audience.

Visit the Luminex Blog

Launched Whiteboard Wednesdays

Another addition we made to the blog is a weekly video featuring a Luminex staff member teaching about a relevant Reformed topic. The speakers stand in front of a whiteboard and write on it in true teaching fashion.

This tool promotes them as thought leaders and once again provides their audience with helpful content. These videos highlight one of the Luminex staff’s greatest strengths—speaking—and allows them to share their knowledge in the way they are most comfortable with.

We post each weekly video to the blog as part of our mission to make Luminex more like a media company.

We record the videos and take care of both the pre- and post-production. We also transcribe the video and include the text for SEO purposes. Sometimes we show the text with the video or use it as the featured written blog post for the week.

Launched Luminex Podcast

Podcasts are our primary audio tool for producing Luminex’s content. To help establish them as a media company, we began producing weekly podcasts. Their team brings in guests and interviews them, while we take care of both the pre- and post-production and transcribe the audio.

These podcasts also provide another way for Luminex’s team to share their expertise through speaking, not writing.

Live Event Videos

Luminex still does in-person events, but now we record them to share with more people and expand their reach. We record, take care of post-production, and share the video with their audience.

Email Campaigns

We’ve worked to grow their email list and used it to share all of Luminex’s content—their blog posts, whiteboard wednesday’s, podcasts, and live events. With these emails, we can measure how many people open them, click the links, and other useful stats. From these metrics, we can continue updating and improving our campaigns.

Social Media

We use their social media as another main way to distribute their content. With regular posts and ads, we’ve been able to get their brand and content in front of more eyes and get more Facebook likes and Youtube subscribers.


Measure Results

We’ve worked with Luminex for a full year now, and the changes have been dramatic.

In the past year


They’ve become the leadership resource within the RCA.

Their Facebook follower count has increased 200%.

Their brand has become known as a church planting & church leadership development resource.

Their cold email list has turned into 1600 engaged emails and become a reliable source for reaching their audience.

Churches have begun using their content in board/consistory meetings and as training material for new leaders.

Content marketing has increased traffic to their website by 900%, changing from an average of 200 monthly visits to 1800 monthly visits.

Their content has been used in national training sessions for the RCA.

“Lanio took our website from an information-based design into a site where a vibrant story is being told. What I appreciate about working with the Lanio team is their teaching spirit and patience.”

Carla CapotostoAssociate Director of Communications at Western Theological Seminary


It’s been our honor to partner with Luminex. They truly are thought leaders and have a wealth of knowledge to share. We’re just their force multiplier.

Once we recognized that the Luminex team’s natural strength is verbal communication, we thoroughly enjoyed finding ways to leverage that gift to help them produce content they actually enjoyed producing.

Because Luminex viewed us as a strategic partner and not just as a web design or content development team, we were able to envision and implement a successful strategy that has completely changed how Luminex is viewed in the Great Lakes Region.Their team is still small, but now it is mightier than ever. They can now reach a much broader audience and truly fulfill their mission statement.

We believe that Luminex will have a big impact in their denomination and in the whole world. And while we’re thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far, we‘re imagining even greater possibilities for the future.

We envision that, in the not too distant future, Luminex will be able to:

  • Produce content for training more people in the church besides leaders.
  • Find alternative revenue sources besides denominational funding.
  • Hold regional events and national conferences.

And, of course, we envision that Luminex’s impact in their region and in the world will continue to thrive and grow.

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