Our Values

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We value people who are quick learners, are hungry to learn, and has the ability to learn broadly.  We call them a “T-shaped” person: individuals who not only have a deep understanding of one area but also have a broad knowledge of many things.  A Lanio team member is expected to be able to contribute effectively outside of their specialty.  Your career and personal development is your responsibility not the company’s responsibility.


Impact is the ability to accomplish a ton of important work. We look for individuals who able to deliver a ton of quality work on a consistent basis. We look for someone who is more focused on results rather than the effort it takes to achieve results. We are looking for individuals who pragmatically gets things done. They have a bias on action and less talking.


Courage is the ability to do what is right despite of being controversial. We want individuals who are smart risk takers, and who are unafraid to question the actions of the company.  People without courage cannot take the necessary risks to do the right thing.

Communication Skills

We highly value individuals who listen well and are good at being present. We are looking for individuals who are concise and articulate.  These individuals treat other people with respect regardless of their status. Additionally, we are looking for people who can maintain composure during stressful situations.


Ability to make good decisions. You not only treat symptoms but also are able to get to the root cause of a problem. Judgment is important to understand who we are and what we do. We are looking for people who are able to assess what needs to be done today and what can be deferred to a later date.  


Being very direct and enjoys engaging in candid conversations. We are looking for nonpolitical individuals who exhibit honesty and transparency. A direct individual does not say things behind someone else’s back but instead tells them straight to their face. Additionally, we are looking for people who are honest about their weaknesses as well as their strengths. You are quick pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.


A loyal individual who is seeking to do what is best for the company. They are egoless when searching for the right solution. They must have a willing to help other people and share information willingly and proactively.


Empathy is the ability to imagine yourself in another person’s shoes. We need people to who strive to understand people and context.


Ownership is the ability to take ownership of your own work. We need people to take ownership of their work and of the problems and solutions of a task or project. Importantly, everybody is in a shared ownership of each project and its processes.


Optimists are tenacious and do not give up at the first sight of obstacles.  Optimism encourages new ideas to flow freely. Debbie downers and devil’s advocates kill ideas and do not lead to innovation. Optimism affords the benefit of the doubt and encourages us to build on each other’s ideas.


The greatest strength of an entrepreneur is grit.  Usually, the only reason someone succeeds is because they refused to give up.  We will be faced with failure time and time again.  Our ability to succeed hinges on embracing failure as validated learning and always getting backup when we’re knocked down.