Lanio’s Innovation Process

By May 22, 2016 No Comments

When you work with us, we’ll talk about the need to Identify, Ideate, Incubate, Iterate, and Integrate. This is our 5I Innovation Process which forms the backbone of all our work. The process defines the actions needed at various phases of innovation. When innovation seems to stall, it’s time to return to the process and see what’s next.



Identify focuses on a project’s foundation of “why” and connects with the various “who’s” impacted by the project. Many projects skip this to start with implementation but get stuck without a clear vision or purpose. Identify establishes goals, metrics for success, and empathy with the customer.


Break out the sticky notes, sketch pads, and easel charts – it’s time to dream. Ideate explores big picture approaches to our project. During Ideate the best ideas are cultivated and formed into project strategy.


Innovation relies on experimentation, and Incubate is where experiments are born, tested, and grown into full-fledged projects. Incubate creates a product but is not an end in itself: we must evaluate and plan for constant improvement. That’s where Iterate comes in.


If Incubate is about the birth of a product, Iterate focuses on nurture. Iterate creates a constant improvement process for the project so that the innovative spirit that originated the product will not fester.


Integrate embeds the project into the life of the client environment. Once the process is fully owned by the client, our team are hungry for the next innovation, and the cycle begins anew.