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A few of the things we've built


Goodberry’s mission is to help the local church be and make disciples. Goodberry is the world’s largest Christian DVD, book and Bible study lending service. We’re the Netflix for Churches. We have over 100,000 Christian resources available for rent for a low monthly fee.

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Faith Grid

Faith Grid connects local churches with each other. Instead of strengthening a centralized, brittle system, Faith Grid is designed to strengthen the distributed network of churches and organizations by crowdsourcing the churches to directly help each other and to gather a knowledge base that helps churches discover resources that they need for ministry in one convenient place.


Inspire helps churches manage their contacts, communications, and givings. It was born out of the need to help churches create a simple directory of church members and grew to manage tithings and communication with the congregation.

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Let us build something for you

Innovation Strategy

Adaptive challenges are navigated through systematic experimentation and a culture of innovation. The key is to measure and account for learning not revenue. We help you build multi-disciplinary teams, establish an iterative culture that helps you fails fast, and optimize your organization to handle both adaptive challenges and technical challenges at the same time.

Product Development

We are experts at Lean Startup and Agile Methodologies. We have helped hundreds of startups and companies imagine, design and build their products and services.

Interface Design & Branding

Design is a strategy. A unified and clear brand can help your organization differentiate and tell a story of your vision and mission. What makes you stand out in the sea of noise and competition? What is your unique value proposition and story?

User Experience

Good design starts with empathy. Who are your constituents? Who are your users? What does the local church need? We ask important and crucial questions regarding who the people are that you’re serving and become their strongest advocate. Our goal is to help you understand your constituents and achieve product / market fit.