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Lanio partners with visionaries to innovate strategically in a rapidly changing world.

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As a visionary, you are not content with the way the world is today. Living with one foot firmly planted in a future can be a lonely calling, but you’ve accepted this burden. Not because it pays well or even because it is the right thing to do – this is simply who you are.


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Lanio ♥'s Visionaries

We built Lanio with a simple focus: we’re going to change the world. That’s why we work exclusively with visionaries in our strategic innovation consulting. Visionaries have already imagined a changed world and so have taken the first step toward our own vision.


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Lanio brings creativity, strategy, design, and project management together to deliver early, engrain constant improvement, and foster a culture of innovation. New clients can schedule up to three hours free with a Lanio consultant to infuse strategy and innovation in your work.

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